12 June 2024
45 jersey number in cricket

45 Jersey Number in Indian Cricket Team

If you are a fan of cricket then you also know the jersey number 45. You know about jersey number 45 which is the Jersey of our Indian captain. So get ready to know all things about jersey number 45 and other things about the special player. So let’s start the journey to know the 45 jersey number. 

45 jersey number in cricket

The 45 jersey number is used by Indian captain Rohit Sharma. Who is an all-time favourite of Indian cricket the fan following of Rohit Sharma is At its peak. He is the man who chose the number 45.

The story about choosing the number 45 he shared with fans that when he first time came to Indian cricket a jersey number was selected for the player. His mother wants the number 9 to be lucky for him so he chooses the number 9 but the number 9 is not available. So he chose 45 and the addition of 4 and 5 gave the result of 9.

Who is Rohit Sharma?

jersey number of rohit sharma
Which player jersey number is 45 in cricket?

Rohit Sharma is a former Indian captain. He will be the captain in both white and red ball cricket for the Indian team. He was one of the top players in the world of cricket. He comes to open and bats like magic people will love his batting so people give him the name Hitman Sharma. 

He was the only cricket player who scored three double-hundreds in ODI cricket and he had the most runs 264 he will create a record. The captain will be mind-blowing so he will take away the team to a new position and create an example for us.


So you will give the best understanding about the 45 jersey number in cricket | Rohit sharma ka jersey number. Because we describe the number 45 Jersey used by Rohit Sharma and why he chose the number the story we will share. Also, we discuss some achievements of Rohit Sharma that make him a great player in world cricket. 

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