11 June 2024
Full Form of BGT in cricket

What is the Full Form of BGT in cricket?

Can you know about BGT Also, this trophy will be present for cricket. So here in some days, the BGT trophy will be more popular in our country. People like to watch and know about the bgt Trophy so here we discuss all things about the BIG Trophy. We give you the full form of the BGT trophy and why this trophy has this type of name we also share the story. So stay with us to last know everything about the BGT trophy.

What is the Full Form of BGT in cricket?

The full form of the BGT Trophy is the Border Gavaskar Trophy. This Trophy is only given when a test match occurs in India against Australia. It is a memory of the 1966 rivalry between India and Australia. So the cup is playing only between India and Australia.

Border Gavaskar Trophy

It is a very prestigious trophy because it shows the rivalry between India and Australia. Also when the match was played the intensity of the match was very high both team players gave one hundred percent to win the cup because it is not a cup it is a legacy for both India and Australia.

Why was the Border Gavaskar Trophy named?

The trophy’s name is Border Gavaskar trophy because the name has some reasons. For this trophy, only India and Australia will fight each other to win this trophy. So here the first letter of the trophy means border comes from Australia’s top-rated player Allan Border and another word is Gavaskar taken from the Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar so the name of the trophy is the border Gavaskaer trophy. 

This Trophy so The Legacy of both India and Australia when they played in 1966. It has continued for a long time and so people are given the trophy name as the border Gavaskar trophy.


So all doubts clear your mind that the bgt trophy represents cricket also we discussed the full form of the trophy which is the border Gavaskar trophy. Then we know the story that the trophy’s name is Border Gavaskar and how the trophy shows the 50-year legacy between India and Australia.

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